What one feature would you add to Tymit?

Good morning Tymit community!

Hope you’re all well and looking forward to the weekend.

We have a quick question: If you could add just one feature to Tymit today, what would it be?

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In-app bill payment. It’s not a major hassle to switch into my bank account, but it’s so much more convenient to stay in the credit card app, confirm your debit card details and pay the bill all in the same app (that way you know it’s been paid as soon as it’s been done as well)


+1 for in app bill payments, also direct debits and PDF statements.

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Afternoon Tymit and Community,

Definitely In-app bill payments via debit card.

Also would be good to be able to access statements and download them via the app.


Keep safe

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In app pdf statements is one feature that I want. Should be a pretty easy one to implement I would think. :grinning:

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Another easy one - a space to make a note on a purchase. So when you click on to a purchase made on Amazon (for example), you can make a note of what the actual purchase was. Thanks. :grinning:

Apple Pay - this is a must and should be top of the list :wink:


Also pay your balance by DD (Direct Debit).


Direct debit, in app payments for me to!

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Yep direct debit for me 3!

In app payments 100%

Apple Pay. Does anyone know what is the timescale for this?

Cashback on purchase…

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I use QuickBooks for my business accounting, it would be good to have integration with my tymit card and qb, or any other 3rd party / open banking systems.
Many thanks.

Being able to select non-standard payment plans would be good. Like 2 months instead of 3 months.

I totally share this need, a pdf statement would be very useful, as well as a .csv download of transactions

Hi @joserc this was initially scheduled to be implemented by the end of February but the rollout was delayed for some reason.

You can read more about it here:

Hopefully PDF and CSV downloads will be incorporated in the new app design which is due soon.

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