What Tymit could look like soon πŸ‘€

Hey Tymit fans and friends! :wave:

Want to take a sneak peak on what we are working on and have a say back :smirk:

Click here to find out more :tada:



Link just errors out

@Pipo - I would…but the link is broken.

Strange… working for others as I have seen them going through it.

Where are you trying to open it? :frowning:

IOS. Tried both safari and Chrime. Loads the first bit but just keeps circling on the get started button then errors.

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Ok thanks @jojingles.

Since it’s not our website where you are being sent to there’s not much I can do right now.
I’ve noticed it works some times and errors very occasionally.
I’ve raised it with the Product we are using and hopefully it sorts itself out

I went through it. You may find it works easier on Desktop as it will show you screens on one side and ask for feedback on the other side. It could be erroring due to this.

Yep. Works okay on desktop just not IOS mobile for some reason.

Looks good by the way!


Hi Pipo - I’ve taken a video of what happens, is there a way to send it to you?

Definitely like what I’m seeing so far.



Yes looking good just hope they get Apple Pay out before this is introduced or we could be waiting awhile

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Had to use a laptop to make the link work…

Thanks for the sneak peak…it’s looking good. :+1:t2:

And excited to see what else is in the pipeline :grimacing:

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They have redesigned the T&Cs for Apple Pay, which I noticed today.

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Yeah I noticed this as well not like I keep trying to add my card :joy:

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The same happens to me when I try.

Managed to work through it on a desktop

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Can’t load on my phone at all - get the landing page but the β€˜Get Started’ button not loading.

It only works on desktop :+1: