What's going on at Tymit?

About five weeks ago, my credit file was updated as a £0 credit limit, not in line with the regular reporting date. I hear that has affected others.

After so many messages back and forth having been assured each time that this will be looked into bla bla bla… Nothing was done.

Regular reporting time came, and it was reported as £0 credit limit again.

I am still waiting for it to be corrected.

Tymit seems to have upgraded their customer service by having a dedicated person who responds to all messages on a daily basis which is great but sadly, the execution seems to be bottled necked; therefore, a simple issue is not being rectified in a timely manner which is in my case.

The bottom line is that Tymit is failing to deliver its selling point for paying Booster customers.

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I had the same issue however it been rectified this week, you can request for a free period while it being looked at