What's on your travel bucket list?

The Tymit Visa credit card is available worldwide and there are no fees for spending abroad, so with this in mind which destinations are on your travel bucket list? :beach_umbrella:


New Zealand, Hong Kong and back to Singapore for me. Well, that’s the bucket list anyway. Some saving is needed​:grin::grin::grin:

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Canada for me. Want to stay in a log cabin when it’s snowing lol

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Malaysia :malaysia: for me !! Haha

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Australia for me…with stop in Japan

Everest. Although something for when I receive my terminal diagnosis and I’m going to die anyway!

I will b going on holiday jamaca

Canada I love snow and its really heavy there at the moment

Greek Islands all that sun!

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I’ve not done much in Europe or Canada, generally the same places each time. Time to explore more!

New York is on my bucket list!
I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Australia 3 times now and had stopovers in Dubai and Singapore :slight_smile: