When are the new cards coming?

The email update mentioned that cards will be reissued, and that from like end of November all will be done with the new processor.

When should customers expect new cards?

They said in the email, from the 23rd November and would email when it’s been sent. It’s going to look the same they said, just a different issuer & number…

It is odd why they would need to send new cards. Given that everyone else managed to change the processors behind the scenes without reissuing the cards.

For example Revolut moved away from Wirecard without reissuing any cards. And I still use my Wirecard Revolut despite them moving over the processors.

23rd November is kind of close. I wonder if this will be delayed.

Not all card processors / issuers work with every card printing company and certain scheme rules apply that mean a new card is required. This is particularly seen with all in one solutions provided to FinTechs were affected.

Hey all.

Thought I would provide a little background info. When you change just the processor you can get away with not having to change the cards. But if you switch issuer then you have to re-card.
You’ll notice that the back of your card reads “Issued by Wirecard Card Solutions…”. The new one will display the new issuer.

We’ll start sending the cards in batches this week. So they are coming very soon.

We also changed the manufacturer of the card (officially called “personalisation bureau”) to now be UK based. Cards will ship from the UK (instead of Germany), which will be faster, and it turns out that in the tests the quality of the cards felt better too.


@Martin Out of curiosity, did you choose Thames Technology for printing? :thinking:

Nope. We went with Nitecrest. They are great, one of the largest and most experienced bureaus in the UK.

Great! I think they had the contract for NHS smart cards once.

28 November and no sign of the new card yet. Not great timing given Black Friday but at least the App is showing a new virtual card. BIN now 481045 as opposed to 456983. Let’s hope that the new BIN has been spread across retailers so that the card isn’t rejected for failing validation when used.

Nothing yet and so far the virtual card hasn’t worked, just gets rejected… Two days trying but no joy.

Anyone received their new card yet or been able to use the Virtual card successfully?

No card yet , waiting for the physical card to arrive before trying to make purchases.

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Have used the virtual card 3 times (twice on Amazon and once on John Lewis) without any issues at all. Instant and flawless.

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Amazon? Really? Been trying repeatedly since it was issued, rejected every single time. Support don’t know why, waiting for updates. Not holding out any hope that the physical card will work either, especially if it’s the same BIN. Now have no card and virtual one doesn’t work!

I am sure that’s frustrating. Hopefully can get it resolved. :slight_smile:

Very, was about to order a vehicle part needed with a far better price on Amazon but longer delivery time and received an email saying the cards were now revoked! Virtual card no use whatsoever and still no replacement card. Has anyone actually received theirs yet? Nobody has said so. Now can’t order the part from anywhere, so not impressed!

If it’s an authentication issue then Tymit really need to up their game. Revolut works perfectly with this and the Visa/MasterCard verification methods. A notification requests verification in the app, one smooth process and done, everyone is happy. Tymit, nothing, just support saying “dunno” when it gets rejected. Fantastic product & principles but really still needs a massive amount of work!

I can add Next to that list of successes. I will be trying Apple shortly although they don’t usually take payment until it’s ready for collection.

I appreciate it’s not helpful but I do think it’s isolated to you or a handful of others. I have again paid Amazon and also Apple, along with yesterday’s Next & John Lewis.

Have tried on numerous websites & declines immediately. Isolated to me or a few users or not that’s a poor show!

I appreciate it is frustrating but I also understand the complexities of running a card programme, and Wirecard’s demise has caused a lot of knock on issues.

Support from Tymit or how they have handled the new card issuing aside, they have issued temporary cards most can use, sent plastic all over the UK, and kept their product active. I would say that’s a pretty good show personally :slight_smile:

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