When is a hard credit check performed?

I did the eligibility check and then it asked me to upload some ID to display the limit/apr. Once i completed the ID upload it now says “We need more time to review your application”. I didn’t at any point actually apply for the card and nor was i informed this was happening. Does anyone know if this has resulted in a hard check being performed?

Hi @richard and welcome to the community, from the information you have posted, it looks like you have actually applied for a Tymit card and therefore a hard search performed (are you sure you didn’t miss the notification about continue to apply?).

The manual review should take a day or two. If you really don’t want the card them you can contact support to cancel, not sure if the hard search can be removed as part of the 14 day cooling off period @jase any ideas?

Hi Sholoa, it went from a screen of saying i was eligible and then to upload ID and verify bank account for identity purposes to view the APR or limit. It didn’t say anything about applying or viewing the credit agreement. The “We need more time to review your application” screen appeared straight after I entered my bank account details.

Hi Richard, not sure if the application process has changed or there is a bug probably best you contact support or maybe the Tymit staff @Oisin or @mike.brozowski may be able to assist. Do you want to cancel the application and the hard search?

A hard search can be removed by Tymit at their discretion although if the process was clear enough that an application was being made, then I’m not sure if they would/should.

Did you read any terms that explained by continuing you were applying?

Are you sure it is a hard search that has been performed and not a soft search?

I think I’m just confused how I got to a screen that said upload your ID to view the APR to end up in a screen that makes it looks like I’ve applied. Something is very wrong with the UX on this app - either the message is wrong or somehow they allow you to apply without saying you’re applying.

I’m not sure if a hard check has been performed or not. That’s my entire issue at the moment.

I have contacted support via email but it seems like that can be a few days to receive a reply. Certainly not ideal so I was hoping someone here would know what the experience of signing up was

Hi @richard, sorry things haven’t gotten off to a good start. let me look into this for you. DMing for more details :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just to provide an update, i got a reply from support yesterday saying a hard check hasn’t been performed with no further information on why i was getting that message. Later on in the day i got an automated email to say the application was declined.

I have to say it’s the strangest process for applying for a credit card I’ve been through. To have soft check performed that said i was eligible to then having to upload ID to then be declined. I feel like tymit need to improve this flow. Happy that a hard check at least wasn’t done though.

Probably wouldn’t risk applying again though mainly down to the flow and really not keen on how the customer service works both in the reply and the speed of the response. Appreciate the help that Oisin offered to try to speed things up though.


There should be a stage clearly stating that a hard credit search will be performed and that you agree to proceed, as with all other credit applications I’ve ever encountered. If not then there shouldn’t be but it does sound somewhat disjointed.

Thanks for the feedback, @richard. I’ve already passed it on to the team :slightly_smiling_face:

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