When will we get in app statements?

How far off are we from having downloadable pdf statements at the end of a billing period? Without these its not easy to check through my spend each month. I can’t even export anything from within the app. This is causing me major headache at the end of every month.


+1 for this please! I don’t go through mine I do need to submit them somewhere so is helpful rather than taking screenshots.

Terms and conditions mention email statements as available upon request. Have you tried asking for that one?

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I did ask but you have to ring them up which is a pain and shouldn’t be necessary. Every other credit card supplies these either by post or easily downloadable. Tymit said they would be available within app and so I was happy to wait - but would really like a timeline on when they are available - so I can decide best course of action in the meantime.

I contacted them by email and they got me a statement…but it took 5 weeks to email it out!

hey @Stephen , let me check in with the team about this for you.

totally agree that in-app statements would be handy. i’m sure it’s on the roadmap!

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@stephen just got an update from the product team and they’ll be live by the end of Feb.