When will we get in app statements?

How far off are we from having downloadable pdf statements at the end of a billing period? Without these its not easy to check through my spend each month. I can’t even export anything from within the app. This is causing me major headache at the end of every month.


+1 for this please! I don’t go through mine I do need to submit them somewhere so is helpful rather than taking screenshots.

Terms and conditions mention email statements as available upon request. Have you tried asking for that one?

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I did ask but you have to ring them up which is a pain and shouldn’t be necessary. Every other credit card supplies these either by post or easily downloadable. Tymit said they would be available within app and so I was happy to wait - but would really like a timeline on when they are available - so I can decide best course of action in the meantime.

I contacted them by email and they got me a statement…but it took 5 weeks to email it out!

hey @Stephen , let me check in with the team about this for you.

totally agree that in-app statements would be handy. i’m sure it’s on the roadmap!

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@stephen just got an update from the product team and they’ll be live by the end of Feb.


@Oisin Hi, where abouts in the app do I find my statement. Thanks.

Hi Stephen, you wont find it in the app now, im afraid.

Rollout of this feature has been paused - sorry, should have let you know in advance. I’ll keep you posted when I hear more.

Oh dear - what does ‘paused’ mean? Does it mean ‘never’ , or next month!

It is a bit of a deal breaker for me if I can’t download a statement and will have to look for another card which is such a shame as I really like the direction you are going with Tymit.

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No, it definitely doesn’t mean ‘never’ :slightly_smiling_face:
I just can’t get a firm date for you right now - you’ll the first to know when I do!

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So there’s no way of getting a CSV file of transactions? That seems like a pretty basic requirement?

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You would think that something like this would be very quick and easy to implement. I’m surprised about how long this is taking to implement.

Maybe I will resort to taking screen shots and pasting in to a document as a way around this until Tymit put something better in place.

CSV export or open banking support would be good


Received a statement via email yesterday. It’s too late to be of any real use though. Hopefully they can get this sorted fairly soon.

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This was a requested statement?

Yes, for February…

Yeah that sucks. Hopefully it can be implemented soon.

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Open banking would be ideal, CSV would do the job. Having to manually type the transactions in to the accounts package makes me feel like it’s 2002.


Just my personal observation, but seeing as Tymit is purely an app based product, the days of statements are a thing of the past.
Surely the instant notifications, in app purchase history, etc remove the need for actual statements.