When will we get in app statements?

Clearly that is just your opinion/need. For others, some way of getting your data out of the app is needed.

I have many ‘app based’ financial products, and usually you can get some sort of statement or csv file via an export.

Tymit have said that this is something they are working on and originally it was due for release for the end of February. - but for some reason has been delayed.

If you don’t need this function then you don’t need to use it. But it should be pretty easy to implement.


It’s important for me to have statements too, so hopefully that or a CSV output will arrive soon :slight_smile:


As you rightly say, it is just my personal opinion, and it was in no way a criticism of those who do want/need statements.
I was just trying to gauge opinion on how popular the feature is.
As an example, I went totally paperless on all my finances approximately 10 years ago now and so far, have never needed to even look at a statement let alone download or print one.
Maybe I am just fortunate… I don’t know

@IvanDP I went paperless years ago as well and like to save trees :evergreen_tree: as much as the next guy, However I’m self employed and being able to download a CSV and upload it to my accounts is a real timesaver.

Scrolling through transactions and manually inputting everything is a real pain plus it brings in the potential for human error. I do see your point about never needing it yourself but I also see a strong case for implementing it for others that do need it.

It’s valid that you ask but to be honest it’s a basic requirement for any financial institution to offer this. I’m 100% for paperless but PDF and CSV downloads should be standard.