When will we get in app statements?

To be honest, at this stage I would be happy with anything. Just a list of purchases and total cost in basic pdf format that I could download would be fine by me. It just seems absolutely bonkers that I have been waiting over a year for something as basic as this. Currently I am taking screen shots of my phone, pasting these in to a Pages document and printing this off. It’s a complete faff!

Other than this, I like Tymit - but come on! I just want some way to pull data out of the app - even a basic export function. Anything. Please!

:wave: Hi everyone!
Big step towards in-app statements are going to be new monthly PDF statements… we posted a link to give feedback here

Just had a look - seemed a bit complex to me. Just really need a list of transactions made during the month. A pdf dump of the transactions in app would be useful.

We have been calling for in app statements for a long time now and to be honest I was hoping for downloadable .PDF or .CSV that we can download straight from the app.

A statement that’s sent out to everyone is a good start and a pretty standard feature that has been missing previously but not really what I wanted here.

I would like to open the app, go to my bill and be able to view or download a statement, I don’t want it emailed out to me or have to request it, just download from the app.

Perhaps I’m asking for too much here.