Withdrawls to bank

Hi guys, I’m new to the card and was just wondering, if I deposit money into the account and try withdraw it how long does it take roughly to re enter my bank account?

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Hi and welcome to the community.

Unfortunately I’m unable to say as I’ve never withdrawn from my booster card but I would of thought it would be fairly quick maybe @mike.brozowski can enlighten us on the timeframe

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Thanks for this, still says pending on what I tried to remove. Just a bit sceptical

Are you closing the account? Otherwise I don’t think it’s a good idea to withdraw from your deposit as a lower credit limit will be reported to Experian.

If you just need cash you can always withdraw up to £200 a month from a cash machine without any fees.

I’m not closing the account ive had an emergency where I need to send some money to a family member and I have withdrew my money before making any payments just to help them out, I’ve only had the account a week but needs must. I didn’t think of withdrawing the cash it literally never crossed my mind I’m just concerned about how long the withdrawal process takes to reach my bank. It still has pending so I’m unsure if i will just get it on Monday or not

It may be that it needs to be sent manually for now so hopefully on Monday :crossed_fingers:

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It is instant. Use the same account number on your registration.

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I have used the same account number as the one I first deposited in…

Is it not still showing then ?

Still pending which is a little concerning, I’ll take it that it’s because it’s Sunday

Morning @Joestalker97

Sorry to hear about your delayed withdrawal request. If you could DM me your details, I can take a look into this for you!

Many thanks

Hi Mike, I have sent you my details, any new developments?

I have tested it yesterday and draw my money and it was instant.

I’ve had no developments on this at all today and it’s making me quite anxious about it. I’ve asked for the pending transfer to also be cancelled as I’d rather know it was just secure and if so I can take it from my bank

Yes, you could have drawn it from a cash machine and not touched your security funds,

I only received the card yesterday that’s why I put money in. Hopefully it’s sorted or reverted by the end of today tho :slight_smile: @mike.brozowski let me know if there’s an update via DM

Joe, how long did it take for the card to arrive?

Around 5-7 days I believe

I’ve still had no help from tymit about this… I understand it’s probably a bit busy but if people are offering help and then doing nothing about it it’s a bit annoying… especially when I can’t access that money at all

Hi @Joestalker97

Just replied to you in a direct message. I hope my communication’s given you a bit more insight on the action we’re taking. As mentioned, we hope to have it resolved by tomorrow.

Please feel free to message me directly in our DM or through our in-app chat.

Many thanks