Worst customer service

This has to win the worst customer service award !Ihave been around for many years but i have never come across such terrible customer service !They are very slow to help and very sarcastic in their replies .Its like they dont care ,the app does not load properly,the only way to pay is through bank transfer or direct debit ,only these options in 2022.
Customer service works from 9 to 5 and if you hacw a problem outside these times good luck!!
A late payment fee just apears from nowhere ,and your card gets blocked ,and to resolve this it takes minimum 10 working days

If you don’t like it, close your account and shift to another provider.,Simple eh? Many of us are actually very happy with Tymit!

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I agree that customer service isn’t very good at times with Tymit. I had hoped that it would get better with time but clearly you are having problems at the moment. Personally I haven’t had any problems in the last year and so have not had to contact them, but I do feel your pain.

I’m surprised to hear this as I have had a few account issues over the last year and have always had a really good experience when I have contacted customer services. It’s never nice to be on the receiving end of poor customer services but I would say keep going and see if there is a formal complaint process you can follow if you continue to have a bad experience. The app has come on in leaps and bounds in the last year and touch wood, I’ve not had any more issues.

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I think if it’s a relatively simple issue to resolve, they do these first, as it makes their stats look good. I have a slightly more complex one and it’s been 21 days so far of “we’re working on it” and then “we’ve resolved it” (they haven’t).

There is a formal complaints process, but it goes to - and is “resolved” by - the same people that you’re complaining about! I made a formal complaint a couple of weeks ago, and they’ve not even acknowledged it.

Like lots of neo-bank CS systems, the whole thing could be sped up if there was actually a working CS team behind them who engaged - occasionally by phone - with customers. My query was about swapping over the app from Apple to Android (Tymit doesn’t work on both). They kept asking me to update the Apple app ! And then asked me to update the App on Android (I had), and then update the OS on Android (I had already told them I was on 10), and then update the security settings (I had done this). All drip fed, one by one over a matter of days. They were just guessing, and when none of these worked, they’ve given up.

The vast majority of complaints on FB and Trustpilot are about their lamentably long response times when things go wrong, and their seeming inability to resolve issues.