Would you pay for a credit card?

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Would you pay for a credit card?

I have 2 cards I pay a yearly fee for. 1st Amex Platinum & 2nd Virgin Atlantic Rewards Mastercard.

I travel (did) a quite a bit and the benefits I received from the cards out weights the fee’s. However, on the next renewal, I think I might drop the Virgin card.



No, they make enough money as it is, paying for credit cards is an outdated concept but something they seem fine with in the US, Amex especially. Fewer and fewer merchants accept it in the UK anyway.

With Amex you’re less paying for the card, you’re more paying for the benefits like insurance/concierge/airport lounge passes etc.

Credit card companies make basically nothing over here on merchant fees compared to in the States where those reward cards are actually rewarding because of those fees.

You do get a lot of benefits with the Amex card especially of an Amex Offer aligns with something you were going to buy. Amex’s acceptance is better than I thought it would be to the point I do not have to go to my fall back card often.

No, I wouldn’t pay for a credit card. Unless the benefits outweighed the cost- and even then I would seriously think about ditching it. There are so many other credit cards to choose from that you don’t have to pay for. I ditched Tandem after they started charging.

No, I would never pay for a credit card. Not interested in ‘rewards’ either. I just require one with decent pay back period, low interest and good customer service.

If whatever fee I was paying for gave me something in return of equal or greater monetary value over the course of my usage (travel insurance, cashback, breakdown cover, reduced or eliminated fees, points, and so on) then absolutely.

But I am the sort of person who pays their card off in full every month so I never pay interest on my card.

Does anyone here have an Amex Gold Card? - Looking for a referral code if anyone can message me. Cheers :+1:

Have just messaged you (hopefully) … from the link, select other card to chose the card you want and see the actual points bonus. Thanks, Jon

I wouldn’t pay for a card, which is why when I was offered Tymit boost over a year ago, I declined

Has Booster been available for over a year? I thought it was a fairly recent addition.

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Ah, no. sorry - it got introduced in Feb this year, I got declined for a regular tymit card in Feb 2020

This is the email I got on the 26th feb 2021

Yes, that is a direct screenshot, I have not photo shopped that to edit my name out

In typical Tymit fashion :laughing:

What happened then, did you get approved for full Tymit in the end?

Also to keep on topic I wouldn’t pay for a card either. Appreciate some perks like cashback and other rewards make it worthwhile for some but not for me.

Also I’m Scottish so nae chance :laughing:

I’ve re-applied a couple days ago, unfortunately the address picker messed up (showed the right address, but under the final screen, it had 2 house numbers in there (I think they attempted to shorten the address on that page for some reason) so it’s under manual review, no reason why I shouldn’t get it with a 636/710 credit score (I know that’s mostly useless)

:crossed_fingers: you get approved this time then.

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It’s probably down to how you’ve managed to handle debt. I don’t blame you though as I was rejected too, despite being good with spending.

I personally would pay for a credit card if the benefits outweigh the cost. I’m on booster (First time spending for a credit card) but the ultimate goal will be to be on full Tymit very soon and am prepared to pay for that.

I’ll be honest in saying I don’t agree with the £9.95 price tag, as it’s definitely not worth it. I’m happy to be hit with the apr rather than being charged more on a monthly fee. At least I can test the product and help Tymit but, I expect some really good features from the booster team.


I was rejected for Tymit. When my booster invite came I was accepted for normal Tymit :man_shrugging:


Did they email you to invite you to the normal Tymit or through the app?

Email if I remember correctly. It was a while ago

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Ah right. Hopefully my invite for the main Tymit account wont be too long. Thanks for the heads up!