Zilch - Another enters the market

So Zilch have entered the market, only they currently only offer a virtual card and it works similar to Monzo’s Flex. You pay 25% up front.

I still much prefer the Tymit solution and it’s the right fit for me but it seems everyone is getting into the spread payment space these days!

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Zilch has been around for a while I’ve been using them personally since June 2020

They have been around in a while I have a account however I did not bother using it, Does anyone know if they do credit reporting

Doesn’t show on any of my credit reports

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I downloaded it again today, it was asking me to sign credit agreement it also read they reports to Experian and Equifax might be a new change​:blush: Could you check your equifax please :blush:

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No nothing showing on ClearScore

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I have a very low limit with Zilch compared to Clearpay. But these both have fortnightly instalments which doesn’t appeal to me as much as Klarna as I get paid monthly.

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Same with me I got £100 this July however with others I had more limits I am not really be bothered using it even if it was £1000 I need something that appears on my credit record with use so credit card for me :relieved:

I had a look at Zilch a few weeks ago but Tymit are still winning for me.

I didn’t like the 25% up front, I didn’t like the fortnightly payments and I didn’t like being restricted to approved retailers and having to pay an extra fee if making a purchase from a retailer not on the list.

I can see the benefit for some people but not for me.

If anyone has a Zilch account check your Experian report as they recently left a hard ‘enquiry’ search on mine when they are supposed to use soft searches only. I hadn’t even used Zilch recently so it was out of the blue. Some Trustpilot reviewers have complained of the same thing.

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For real the clearly stated they perform soft search I guess maybe you had two accounts